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On this site you can find my pictures which I made in several countries in Europe. The most recent photo albums can be accessed directly from this home page.

Photo album Loppersum: Four Groningen villages 22-06-2019


Photo album Nijmegen Lent: Round the Spiegelwaal 16-06-2019


Photo album Burgh-Haamstede: Head of Schouwen 15-06-2019


Photo album Peat colonies and Dalerpeel 10-06-2019


Photo album Rheden: Strijland pancake route 09-06-2019


Photo album Bunde: Geuller and Bunderforest  08-06-2019


Photo album Redichemse Waard and -Polder 02-06-2019


Photo album Sauwerd: The Reitdiep area 01-06-2019


Photo album Roodeschool: Dutch remote corner 01-06-2019